Money and Sustainability

A few days ago, I participated in an online conference about sustainable finance. In my breakout group, we talked about taxing more and how, how two distribute money, etc. My co-learners took the stand that the very rich need a cap and that they need to pay more taxes. I asked them how they think anyone can convince the super-rich (who often also have high lobbying leverage) to let go of some of their richness and if they (my co-leaners) themselves would be willing to pay more taxes, give more money away, and cap their income. They answered that they are not part of the problem, but the really rich are. Note though that all of us are: very well educated, white, from a very solid middle-class (likely inheriting well), live in Germany. Compared to 95% of the world, all of us in that little group are super-rich. And although I am all for stopping the even-more-super-rich getting even more prosperous, I can understand where they are coming from. Just as I have my explanations and excuses why the money I have is justified, they do as well. I am part of that problem. And to me, the first necessary step is to ask myself why. And as long as I don’t let action follow, I have little leverage to make others do so.