No f*cking clue

Recently, I see very clearly, how little I know about changing the state of the planet. Although I have been a very curious learner for the past ten-plus years to understand the challenges we face and, more importantly, to get a sense of how to change these, I still feel lost. The more I learned, the less - I realized - I know. And even if sometimes I think that I know how to make a change happen, I notice that it’s theoretically, that in theory, I might have a good idea, but practically… I have no fucking clue. And I wonder if anyone does. And I wonder if those that claim they do are just more ignorant than those who admit they don’t. And that those who claim they do might cause harm because they think they know something they can’t know. And if that is true, the question is how to make progress (progress in the sense of social and ecological wellbeing) without knowing?