Sunday Question

Imagine you are the candidate of a TV Show called “choose anything”. You are sitting on your red carpeted chair across from the moderator, who’s name is Steven and who has blond hair and wears a tie that matches your red carpeted chair. The headlights are on you. The audience holds it breath, while they wait for your answer. You hold your breath with them. Your choice is to either go through the left curtain (which by the way also matches your red carpeted chair and Steven’s tie) or the right curtain (same same). Behind the left curtain waits a life of discipline. In which you get up at 5am every morning in order to work out, so by the time your life partner and four kids get up, you already finished your 36st novel. Behind the right curtain waits a life of pleasure. In which you find yourself in a never ending party, countless choices of partners, video games, clothes and all the food you can think of. 

What is it going to be? Left or right?