Hi I’m Jes,
I help people take action toward regenerative futures by living an ekophilosophical life.

I am a professor for technology management at the FHM Berlin and the founder and director of the Institute for Practical ekophilosophy.

I write a weekly newsletter “rewilding philosophy”about practical ekophilosophy for our times with weekly essays, curated links, life advice and slivers of sanity. I have written three books and currently work on my fourth.

I love academic writing, which you can find here. In my work and research, I aim to grasp the big picture by exploring relational approaches to inner and outer transformation across various disciplines. With a diverse educational background including a PhD in social science, a Master's in sustainability management, and a Diploma in mechanical engineering, I have acquired deep knowledge about systems change and strategies for transforming complex systems. My expertise lies in utilizing practical ekophilosophy as a meta-technology for driving such change.

Online Course
The awesome Nathan Dufour Oglesby made an online course about Philosophy for Ecological Action (Ecosophy) that I co-lead in Europe.

Some interesting projects I am working on:

Every once in a while, I get some media attention. Some of my favourite articles and interviews are: You can interview me, too.

I deliver keynotes and workshops on topics related to the ekophilosophical dimensions of our times. If you are interested, get in touch through IPeP.

Check out my newsletter rewilding philosophy if you want to learn about ekophilosophical health for our times.
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