How to really, ultimately, definitely create a regenerative society

Imagine this. You are at a friend’s house. She has three kids, and when the two of you just sat down for a coffee, her three-year-old comes running towards her mum. Accidentally, she knocks over the tiny Danish coffee table with her head. She starts crying. Your friend immediately gets up to take care of her.

What do you do?

Maybe you just sit there waiting for your friend to come back and clean the mess on the floor. Likely, you will get up, go to the kitchen, get a cloth, wipe the coffee off the floor, pick up the broken pieces, and once you are done, make new coffee for the two of you.

At that moment, you make yourself accountable for improving the situation you did not cause and for which no one will make you liable. You take responsibility.

Like that, we all need to make ourselves accountable and take responsibility for the social and ecological inequality that we did not cause.