On growing up and responsibility

Upfront: I support rebels and activists protesting for a better future. That said, I believe what is also true is that taking the stand of a rebel or activist is assuming there is someone - usually an adult in power - who can take the responsibility. My personal experience though is, that the idea of an adult in charge stems from my juvenile perception of the world. At least I have neither ever met nor found one. All the adults seem to have vanished once I officially - on paper - became one. What I also realized though was that there are many people like me, some with more, some with less power. And although I can’t force anyone to chose a path that I believe to be more conducive to a flourishing future than another, what I can do is create conditions that might foster such ways of being and acting that I wished to see in the world (for example through my writing or the soon to come ecophilia school).