Dancing between Well-Being and Reality

Fact is: We are over-consuming.

Fact is also: We feel mostly good about it. 

Sustainability doesn’t make sense, if it doesn’t increase the well-being of all life on the planet. Because what’s there to preserve if life is awful. Based on this argument, many people feel entitled to hold on to their ways of life. 

Fact is: Reducing the world to numbers (like the Carbon Footprint and Ecological Footprint) ignores that life is more than mere numbers. Helping your granny is just as important. 

Fact is also: Ignoring such numbers makes it - worst case - impossible for us to exist at all. 

Arguing one fact against the other is an empty battle. It’s not an either-or argument. We can acknowledge that there are ecological boundaries and stop arguing that it makes us suffer. The more rational way to deal with it is to feel happy despite those boundaries. 

Sustainability then is actually not as complicated as we make it.