Two days ago I wrote about how - no matter how much money we have - we seem to never reach a point where we say this is enough or even this is too much. Research shows that:

  • there is a strong correlation (in this case it seems safe to say causation) of income and environmental impact. The more money we have, the worse our impact. This applies for green consumers as well. Their environmental impact does not differ much from peoplem with the same income who don’t call themselves green or conscious consumers.
  • If we have more money, we have less love, empathy, morality, and community in our lives. For example, the more we have, the less are we able to emphasise with those that have little. It’s like parts of the brain gets lost while getting richer. The more we have, the bigger the house and the higher the fence.
  • We become happier when earning more money. Until a certain point (around 60.000$, 45.000Eur in Germany). Anything after that doesn’t increase our happiness.
  • There is no research I know of about an amount that lets us say this is enough.