It’s their turn.

There is a self-limiting logic to growth in nature (that includes us). Yet, we might find a particular species to take over the land for some time. Eventually, the dominating species has too little to feed herself, so other species emerge again.

A predator might dominate and kill all her favorite birds. Once the birds are almost extinct, the predator does not have enough food and decreases drastically in numbers. At the same time, a tree thrives because there are no more birds to eat her. Now, without a predator and plenty of trees, the bird returns in massive numbers. Soon after, the trees die because the massive numbers of birds are eating them, yet the predator thrives on all the birds. And it repeats.

Organisms don’t necessarily maintain a state of peaceful equilibrium. But they maintain a state of healthy equilibrium. Over time. Humans are part of this natural equilibrium. We might have been the predator for a while, yet, soon, it might be the turn of the birds and the trees.