More about knowing...

I thought by learning more about how to make social and ecological change happen, I will actually come closer to answers. The more I learn though, the further away the answers seem to move. I feel like a donkey. A carrot tangling in front of me very nose. 

One way to deal with this might be to just start acting, despite not knowing. Yet, this has often been seen to be more harmful than beneficial. 

Another way to deal with this might be to stop acting altogether. Yet, this leads to stagnation.

A third way, the sweet spot is to find the balance of knowing and acting. It’s not a „start before you are ready“, but rather a „start when you are just ready enough“. An incremental move forward. Incremental, because we have to iterate and adjust constantly. Coming from this understanding, making „big change“ or the „great transformation“ only happens in very tiny steps.