Each day, each morning, I leash my dog, put on my shoes, and go for a walk. I say hello to the man who picks up each little piece of trash he finds. I say hello to the woman with the blind dog. I say hello to the woman with the old dog who doesn’t want to go any further than 342metres from their home. I say hello to the woman who tries to make her kids sit in their bike carrier. I don’t say hello to the one who is already expecting me. This greyish, blackish dude who watches my every step as soon as I enter the park. A beautiful crow who fell in love with me, my dog, and my croissant. Crows like to linger around their home. This one’s home happened to be at the park that my dog also calls her home. 

One day, a very tenacious one followed me. From the park. Across the street. Into the alley. Landing close to me. Right in front of me. Staring at me. Expectantly. One time, I couldn’t resist, and I gave him a piece of my croissant. The next day. Same time. Same spot. No croissant. He was pissed. He flew over my head, so close to touching it that I felt the wind from his wings. Landing in front of me. Staring at me. I starred back. And kept walking. He then did the same thing to my dog. Flying close over her. Almost touching her. She was busy sniffing and didn’t notice. And so the days went by, the crow did what crows do. My dog did what dogs do. And I did what humans do.