The Interdividual

According to Layman Pascal, the Interdividual synergizes three other words: individuality, dividuality & interbeing. According to him, the interdividual is about how we become more connected and creative when we join forces with others. It’s like a continuous flow of ideas and actions that emerge when we harmonize and communicate well. It’s a bit like a shared space where we can process our thoughts and emotions together without suppressing anyone’s voice. It’s a space where new ideas and actions can come up and don’t belong to just one person or group.

This kind of interdividuality seems to make individuals stand out more and have their own unique qualities. It might encourage them to take on specific roles as the group explores different possibilities. It’s interesting because it brings together growth, a way of seeing things as interconnected, and a sense of spirituality that embraces both individual and collective perspectives.

Even more fascinating is that this interdividuality values our physical bodies and our environment. It’s about understanding ourselves as part of a larger interconnected web of digital, social, and neural networks that shape our lives in today’s world. It also relates to ancient cultural patterns where people found ways to come together, create meaningful rituals, and work on projects that truly mattered to them.

Looking at the above definitions, an “interdividual” perspective might suggest a deeper understanding of how individuals both interact with others and also contain various selves or dimensions within themselves. The interdividual recognizes the ways in which our interactions with others shape and influence our internal selves and how our internal selves, in turn, influence our interactions with others.