Superpositionality II

“Emerging through the ongoing interference of naturalcultural waves (such as gender and climate change), superpositionalities are momentarily articulable sociomaterial relational-locations which are both situated and dynamic. Understanding identities and/or subjectivities as intrasectionally composed superpositionalities helps us attune to how we are all waves of possibility.” Verlie Blanche

In this sense, the individual as a “superpositionality” can be understood as a dynamic entity with the capacity for multiple identities, potentials, and possibilities - coming into being through the overlap with others - human and nonhuman. The individual is not fixed or predetermined but open to various states and expressions, influenced by multiple factors such as personal experiences, social interactions, cultural contexts, and internal dynamics.

Similar to how quantum particles exhibit different properties depending on how they are observed or measured, the individual’s identity and characteristics may be influenced and determined by external factors and relational contexts. The concept of superpositionality emphasizes the fluidity, complexity, and potentiality inherent in the individual, suggesting that their identity and state of being are not fixed but subject to various influences, interactions, and entanglements.