We are physically entangled I

“… life is a phenomenon of absolute communality. Flourishing in a relationship of mutual benefit is as much a part of this as lustily consuming another in order to guarantee one’s own flourishing.” Andreas Weber

We are physically constituted through the stuff of the world. We are woven from the tapestry of the Earth, intimately connected to the elements and energies that shape our existence. Our bodies are composed of matter and energy that interact with the environment. 

Our bodies are composed of biological matter, including cells, tissues, organs, and systems. These structures are made up of elements and compounds derived from the Earth’s resources, such as carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, and minerals. Our genetic makeup, encoded in DNA, determines many of our physical characteristics and functions.

We sustain our bodies by consuming food and water from the environment. Through digestion and metabolism, the nutrients from the food we eat are broken down, transformed, and incorporated into our bodily tissues and energy reserves. The quality and composition of our food directly influence our physical health and well-being.