The never-ending pursuit of knowledge

I read. A lot. Easily a book a week, usually more. Always non-fiction. When I don’t read, I listen to podcasts. You would think that I know more because of it. Yet, the result: I feel like I know less than I ever have. Knowledge in this way can easily become an object of consumption like any other. Because I read to understand how to solve social and ecological challenges, each book, each article, each piece of knowledge leaves me wanting to know more. Because no one knows how to make the changes many of us long for. We are all just guessing, stumbling upon possible solutions. Because there might always be a “better solution” somewhere, the golden solution, that I might miss… I keep reading. At the same time, I can’t shake off the feeling that there has to be some deeper knowing and wisdom that makes much of the information superfluous. I can’t imagine that it is so complex and complicated. And maybe, the idea that it can also be easy is just wishful thinking.