a new version of thinking fast and slow

The way our systems work is based on two assumptions:

  1. That we life in a natural abundance of endless resources.
  2. That humans are exempt from nature and therefore not effected by it.

When our current systems, like our economic system, were developed, these two assumptions seemed valid. Based on that understanding, it was totally ok to come up with ideas like capitalism. It promised happiness, wealth and prosperity. Today, it’s obvious that both of these assumptions are untrue.

  1. Our resources are very limited and if we don’t take care of them, they will come to an end.
  2. We are an integral part of nature and whatever we do to ‘it’, effects us as well.

Holding on to the old ways of living in this world is like not taking the boat on the ocean, because of being scared  to fall of the earth once you reach the horizon. It’s making decisions based on the wrong assumptions. The new idea of the earth being round not flat took time to catch on and took some people a lot of time to understand. Those are the slow thinkers. When taking this into consideration, there exist no evil entities that want to destroy the planet. Instead, there are just some very slow thinkers who still believe the earth is flat.