about the purpose of life

The purpose of our modern world has been ourselves - as humans. We took an egocentric approach in which we put ourselves above all other life. Many now realize that this is not as fulfilling as it promised to be. Many feel a sense of purposelessness in life.

  • What are they here for?
  • What can they do?
  • Does their existence matter?

The old purpose has been exhausted, a new purpose emerges. For many that new purpose goes beyond themselves, towards something greater. Thinking beyond themselves and taking into account the whole planet (and some beyond that). The planet is a living system. As living systems create life that is conducive to life, answers appear.

  • What are they here for? To create conditions that are conducive to life.
  • What can they do? Create
  • Does their existence matter? If life is the purpose of life and you are alive, obviously, yes.

Looking at our own small existence in which we all drop in for only a fraction of time compared to the greater whole is overwhelming as long as we don’t see ourselves as not being a part of that whole.