Interfering with the non-human?

We often talk about how humans destroy the planet. That due to us, the world and the non-human world will be destroyed. We think that we need to give the non-human world it‘s space back. ‚To let nature take over and to not interfere‘. But what if - as a human species - we are here to interfere with nature. To not just let it be, but to co-create with it. To listen what it needs and respond in a way that everyone involved flourishes. There is a story that humans created the Amazon in it‘s beauty that we find it today. That because humans planted and took care of their environment, it was able to flourish like this. It than is not about humans vs. non-humans, but about humans with non-humans. Understanding that both are interrelated. One supports the other. Not condemning our interferences but instead ask ourselves how to interfere.