Is Yoga a trap?

Sascha -

Interesting article Jessica. I can see what you mean with it. And I need to disagree a little. For me, Yoga or Meditation is no trap itself, it’s a way to balance things, to clear things up that distract from getting in touch with me and with the world around me. You are right that one can loose itself in it. As one can do in everything. That’s why - not only in Yoga, I would try to find a way of moderation, a way of balance. In the relation you describe: a way to balance the focus between “us” and “beyond us”. And one more thought, I feel that with Yoga and Meditation this borderline looses its importance.

[jessicab]( “”) -

Hi Sascha, thanks for pointing that out. A agree it’s about the balance, which I see becoming more and more important for many people practicing Yoga or meditation for a longer time.

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