We are physically entangled II

We breathe in air, absorb sunlight for vitamin D synthesis, and come into contact with various substances and energies. These interactions shape our physiology, immune responses, and overall physical development.

The substances and pollutants present in our surroundings can directly or indirectly impact our health and well-being. For example, exposure to toxins, pollutants, or radiation can affect our cellular functions and contribute to developing diseases.

“If we do not yet know exactly what the presence of a vast range of chemicals in umbilical cord blood and breast milk might mean for the future of our children’s health, we do at least know that we are no cleaner, even at birth, than our environment at large. We are all already polluted”. Eula Biss

Our physical constitution is a product of evolutionary processes that have shaped our species over millions of years. Our bodies bear the imprints of time, a testament to the evolutionary journey that has sculpted us. We carry within us the echoes of our ancestors, their triumphs and adaptations etched in our very bones. Our physical form is a testament to the rich tapestry of life’s history.