The answer to everything

Someone has to know the answer. 

We go to psychiatrists, psychologists, astrologers, gurus. We learn from religion and philosophy. We take yoga classes, craniosacral therapy, chant mantras and meditate. We eat avocados and spirulina, drink green juices and aloe vera extract, we fast and life from sunshine. We read our horoscope, do personality tests, and check our blood type. We do Ayahuasca, don‘t drink alcohol, drink only wine, smoke herbs. We go to homeopaths, osteopaths, naturopath and try Chinese medicine. We set our alarm to 5am, we do natural sleeping. We discover our past lives, get hypnotized, learn NLP. We create vision boards, journal daily, express our gratitude  and repeat affirmations. We design our life, minimize our stuff, and prioritize our goals. Friends lay out Tarot cards. Strangers take us on a shamanic journeys. We read self-help books. Experts read our aura. We clear our chakras and travel to Rishikesh. We change our jobs, do something meaningful and safe the planet. 

No answer. 

Maybe we ask the wrong question.