What’s in the closet of a person who wears the same dress her whole life?

  1. Socks (as few as possible): It’s not that I like them. Honestly, if I didn’t life in a place that frequently feels like the arctic (I am exaggerating here), I’d never wear any socks. According to the Greek poet Hesiod, in the 8th century BC, the Ancient Greeks wore socks called “piloi”. They were made from matted animal hair. Later, the idea of socks was to absorb the sweat, which seems nonsense, considering that in the summer we actually don’t wear socks. Note to self: re-think if I actually need socks.
  2. Black Blazers (2): Whenever I need to look sophisticated, I put on a black blazer. Done. Also comes in handy, if I want to hide in the dark.
  3. Colorful 80’s adidas jacket (1): I life in Berlin. Either I have something vintage or I am exiled. Vintage is important in Berlin. About as important as having a blog or a project.
  4. Golden jacket (1): Glitter is in style especially around new years. New year’s resolutions can be broke daily, it’s only fair to break them in style.
  5. Underwear (some): must-have, just for societies sake.
  6. Bikini (1): to wrap my bikini body.
  7. Leggings (2): Same story as the bikini. Sometimes you just want your long, perfect legs to be covered in something. Either because it’s too cold, or because it’s inappropriate. Then again this could be said for any item listed here. Google also says leggings were made to protect people from the cold. Also from spines, so everyone can walk through bushes of roses, that smell like…[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWju37TZfo0[/embed]
  8. Hats (1): Virginia Graham said “A woman is not really dressed unless she is wearing a hat.” I say “As long as there are hats, there is no such thing as a bad hair day”.
  9. Jacket (2): This is my go to item when it’s raining, snowing, storming, when the sun is shining, when it’s cloudy.
  10. Shoes (10): Long story. I have two of each kind.
  11. Sports clothes (3 shirts, 2 pants): It doesn’t matter if you do any sports or not. Having the right outfit is the very first step to becoming a pro.
  12. Jeans (1x long, 1x short): What do you need jeans for if you wear one dress for life, you might ask yourself. Well, this might come as a bummer, but I do sometimes wear jeans, they are my equivalent to sweat pants. You’ll see me wear them when I am cold, hot, early in the day, when I run errands, or Sunday. If I do wear them, I wear them with one of the t-shirts of my sports clothes.
  13. Bandana (2): As you might have figured out by now, there is not much variation in my wardrobe. My hair is the only thing I can style. The word ‘bandana’ comes come from the Hindi ‘bāṅdhnū’ meaning a tied, bound cloth. Also useful knowledge you can find online about bandana’s: “they are frequently used to hold hair back”.
  14. Headband (2): I use them frequently to hold my hair back.
  15. Jewelry (2 rings, 1 necklace, 2 piercings, 5 pairs of earrings, 3 bracelets): Because ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’. *

* none of my jewelry has diamonds on it. So even if you see me on the street at night: it’s not worth it. *Photo by Shanna Camilleri on Unsplash