Why advice doesn’t get you what you asked for

We like to think that a certain intervention will lead to a certain outcome. So we read all the advice we can find. How to be successful. How to work in groups. How to make friends. How to be creative. How to life sustainably. A lot of it is good, some is great and a lot sucks. System science has long shown that interventions in complex systems can lead to many different outcomes. Unpredictable. Humans are complex systems. And our life’s are complex. Our work. Our body. That means that there are an infinite number of factors influencing the system. System science has also shown, that it’s a lot more effective to change the goal and the relationship of the participating parts in the system instead of just the parts. Any advice you find that considers only a part is very likely to lead to a different outcome than you intended it to be. Don’t listen to it. Don’t listen to me.